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We understand that partners and collaborators are our most important assets, and for this reason, we treat them with complete transparency, honesty, and respect.

Our Story

Pan American Solutions was born to fill the gap created by IT services scarcity in the US market and common frustrations clients expressed about offshore options. We have leveraged our combined experience in IT services in the US and in Latin America to provide consistent, cost effective, easy to manage access to the strongest IT talent in Latin America.

Our Lead Team

Natalia V.




Nicolás Casasbuenas


Our Values Motivations Drivers


We believe that providing growth opportunities to IT Talent in Latin America could benefit  non-visible communities. 


Being a company owned and led by women gives our organization a perspective of equality in every aspect of our daily life.

World Vision

We are a US-based company with routes in several countries, which ignites the aspiration of collaborating with companies around the world.


Our team mentality is to deploy quality outcomes to all our stakeholders each day to achieve the company objectives. 

Why work with Pan American?

We are a Woman Owned Business

Benefits of Partnering with a Woman Owned Business

It shows you care about economic growth in local communities. Like other small businesses, diverse companies are some of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the US.

New revenue opportunities. Partnering with diverse organizations isn’t just an issue of social responsibility, it is proven to be good for business—including improved quality and increased market share.

Tax Incentives. Tax liabilities may be reduced when your projects are funded through federal loans or state grants if the supplier is a woman-owned business.

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