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Talent Outsourcing

Our passion is to connect remarkable IT talent with challenging job opportunities and projects. We believe in the power of relationships and their impact on business.

Talent Outsourcing is Better Easier Faster

At Pan American, we live in an innovative, flexible, and results-oriented culture that supports our clients’ evolving technology needs at every stage of their business.

Our services deliver positive business results.

Our Staffing Services

Staff Augmentation

We select, administer, and support the remote workers while your company leads their operational tasking and management.

Managed Staffing

We create high-performance teams to outsource some of your operations with remote talent. We lead their day-to-day operational tasking and management.

Managed Capacity

We support your company in the creation of high-performance teams with remote talent. Your company leads their day-to-day operational tasking and management.

Find Talent Experts in​

Technologies Software Programming Languages

Talent Outsourcing through Nearshore services

Pan American specializes in providing IT services and solutions that enable our clients to increase their productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Find Latin American Top​

Talent Resources Manpower Experts

Software Developers

Architects, front, back and fullstack developers experts in several technologies.

UX/UI Designers

User centric design experts in wireframes, interaction, testing and more.

Project Managers

Leaders with expertise in frameworks, methodologies, and team management.

QA Engineers

Experts in manual and automation testing, with knowledge in numerous tools.

Data Engineers

Experts in building and managing infrastructure and scalable data management systems.

Cloud Specialists​

Specialist in cloud  development and management.

Support Engineers

Engineer experts in infrastructure, support, and technical assistance.  

CS Agents

Qualified customer service specialists with expertise across numerous industries.

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