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Pan American specializes in providing IT services and solutions that enable our clients to increase their productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

Nearshore is Better Easier Faster

Benefit Nearshore Offshore
Extended Talent pool
Focus on your core business
Cost reduction
Better Return on investment
Better Access and control of resources​
Closer Locations (trips) ​
Cultural and time zones similarities
Easier communication
Easy team integration
Similar legalities

Talent Outsourcing

Our passion is to connect remarkable IT talent with challenging job opportunities and projects. We believe in the power of relationships and their impact on business.

systems Integration

We help you take advantage of the most innovative open-source solutions to power your API’s and Platform Integration solutions. Pan American integrates your applications and data in a flexible, dynamic, and extensible infrastructure.

Software Factory

We offer custom software development solutions to companies that seek to increase their potential using new technologies.

Process Automation

Automation is part of our DNA and we live it every day. We create products that are easy to use, maintain and scale. Our knowledge of technology enables you to automate your data center requirements quickly and efficiently.

AI and Data Analytics

We enable executives and business owners to analyze vast amounts of data and information, providing valuable insights that boost and improve the decision-making process.

Near Shore Made Better Easier Faster

Our Process is simple, together we will:

Define expectations goals

Set up a plan and deadlines

Build custom solutions

Test and deploy the solution

Start working on next project

Tell us about your projects

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